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Arthur | Celtic Mythology

(also King Arthur)

The most recognizable individual in Celtic Mythology, King Arthur originated as a figure in the legends of the Bretons. He appears as a hero in stories from Brittany, Ireland and Wales. The legend tells that Arthur, the illegitimate son of the British king Uther Pendragon, was raised by Merlin the wizard.

When Pendragon died, his knights—The Knights of the Round Table—were lost without direction. They turned to Merlin for guidance. Merlin told them of a mysterious sword that had appeared in London. Merlin said that the one who could pull the sword out from the stone in which it was stuck would lead them.

For years, many knights attempted to remove the sword without success. Some time later, Arthur was in London to watch a tournament. His guardian, who had been appointed by Merlin, was competing, but realized he did not have a sword. He sent Arthur to go and fetch him one. Arthur came across the magical sword unintentionally, and, as it seemed to be unused, pulled it from the rock to give it to his guardian.

Initially, few of the Knights were willing to accept Arthur, but with Merlin’s help, Arthur was able to resotre peace.

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