Ancient Mythology

Loki | Norse Mythology

(also Loke, Loft, Lopt)

Loki was the Norse trickster god. He was the son of the frost giant Farbauti and the giantess Laufey (also known as Nal). Loki was a mischevious god, constantly tricking and swiching sides in every conflict. Eventually he became so much trouble that the gods imprisoned Loki in a cave until Ragnarok.

Loki had three famous (but monstrous) children with the frost giantess Angrboda: Fenrir, Jourmungand and Hel. He also was the father of Narfi with his wife, the goddess Sigyn. With a stallion named Svaoilfari, Loki also gave birth himself to the eight-legged horse Sleipnir.

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