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Valhalla | Norse Mythology

(also Valhall, Walhalla, Valhöll)

Valhalla is the great hall of the einherjar, the heroic dead. Warriors who died in glorious battle were chosen by Odin to wait in Valhalla until Ragnarok.

The large strucure, built by Odin himself in Asgard, had over five hundred doors, each large enough for eight hundred warriors to march out of at the time of Ragnarok so that they could fight the futile battle with the gods.

Valhalla was the heaven of the Vikings, a large hall where wounds healed quickly and meat was readily available. A constant routine of fighting and feasting ensured that the warriors were at their physical peak when Ragnarok came. In Old Norse, it’s name, Valhöll, means “hall of the slain”.

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