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Irish Mythology – Irish Myths and Legends

Irish myths and legends include a variety of myths that are common other Celtic cultures, so other areas of Celtic mythology overlap with Irish mythology. This section deals with natively Irish myths.

Irish myths were a part of the religion of the Irish before Christianity took hold. Later, it was preserved to some extent in storytelling, and some aspects of Irish myth continued to survive alongside Catholicism. Our knowledge of Irish Myths primarily comes from the four cycles: the Mythological Cycle, the Ulster Cycle, the Fenian Cycle and the Historical Cycle.

The Mythological Cycle, though the least intact, describes the state of Irish mythology and religion before Christianity. The Ulster Cycle takes place as Christianity is taking hold in Ireland and describes heroes rather than gods and goddesses. The Fenian Cycle takes place later, again describing the feats of various Irish heroes, and the Historical Cycle is a recording of stories told by bards in medieval Irish courts.

Irish mythology also finds a home in Scottish mythology, as the Scottish Gaels originated in Ireland.

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