Kukulkan – A god of Mayan Mythology

Kukulkan (also K’uk’ulkan or K’uk’ul-chon) is a god of Mayan mythology. He is known to the K’iche’ group of Maya as Gukumatz. The name means “feathered serpent”, like his Aztec equivalent Quetzacoatl.

The K’iche’ Maya saw their version of Kukulkan, Gukumatz, as one of the Creators who, with Tepeu, created three versions of mankind, the first two being failures.

Mayan relics also make reference to a person named Kukulkan, which has led to some confusion about whether or not the god is referenced in certain instances. The general Mayan god Kukulkan is not well-known, with only his Gukumatz counterpart surviving in the Popol Vuh, and Quetzalcoatl surviving from accounts of the Aztecs. It is not well known whether the Yucatec and Tzotzil Maya attributed stories similar to those of Gukumatz and Quetzalcoatl to their Kukulkan.

Like all of the feathered serpent gods in Mesoamerican cultures, he is thought to have originated in Olmec mythology.

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