Roman names for Greek gods

Roman names for Greek gods

The following is a list of the Greek gods that are represented in Roman mythology, along with their names in Roman myths.

Greek God Roman Name Notes
Ananke Necessitas
Aphrodite Venus
Apollo Apollo Roman religion and mythology recognize Apollo.
Ares Mars
Artemis Diana
Asclepius Vediovis
Athena Minerva
Charites or Graces Gratiae
Demeter Ceres
Dike Justitia or Iustitia Dike and her mother, Themis, were both identified with Justitia, and aspects of both goddesses appear in the Roman version.
Dionysus Bacchus
Eirene or Irene Pax
Eris Discordia
Eros Cupid
Eumenídes, Erinýes or The Furies Dirae or The Furies
Gaea Terra Mater The Latin Terra Mater means “mother earth”.
Hades Pluto Originally Pluto was a god of wealth, and his association with Hades came later. Before Pluto assumed this role in Roman culture, Dis Pater was the god of the underworld, like Hades.
Harmonia Concordia
Helios Sol Helios is more closely identified with the later title Sol Invictus.
Hephaistos Vulcan
Hera Juno
Heracles Hercules
Hermes Mercury Mercury was originally an Etruscan god who was incorporated into Roman mythology. Stories and attributes from Hermes were added later.
Hestia Vesta
Horae or Hours Horae
Kronos Saturn
Leto Latona
Moerae/Moirai or The Fates Parcae or Fata In Greek the three Moerae are Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis. Their Latin (Roman) names were Morta, Nona and Decima, respectively.
Nike Victoria
Ouranos Uranus
Pan Faunus
Persephone Proserpina
Phobos Timor
Poseidon Neptune
Rhea Ops
Themis Justitia or Iustitia Themis and her daughter, Dike, were both identified with Justitia, and aspects of both goddesses appear in the Roman version.
Tyche Fortuna
Zeus Jupiter

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